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concrete aggregates, additives, and cement delivery

San Antonio Ready Mix Concrete Plants

We produce ready mix concrete at two on-site batch plants. Opening our San Antonio concrete plant in March 2017, we run both plants using a state-of-the-art, industry-best Batch Control System. Our system provides fully integrated, cutting-edge functionality, enabling razor-sharp precision and high-efficiency batching. Opening a second San Antonio ready mix concrete plant has increased our output capacity and provided a potential backup supply source.

concrete aggregates, additives, and cement delivery

Customized San Antonio Concrete Blend

We deliver an exact, tailored ready mix blend to each client in the precise amounts ordered, using only the highest-quality concrete aggregates, additives, and cement. Every customized batch is produced and delivered using thoroughly maintained industry-standard equipment. Upon arrangement of delivery, we’ll load the composite blend into our delivery truck, mix the concrete on-site and deliver it to San Antonio, Boerne, Fair Oaks, Helotes, Castroville, Leon Valley, and everywhere in between.

concrete aggregates, additives, and cement

Ready Mix Concrete Blends for Every Job

What kind of blend does your job require? We can blend coarse aggregates or fine aggregates, ranging from very large, all the way down to what’s known as “manufactured sand.” If you need it, we can blend it and deliver it—to your precise specifications. Our concrete blends include:

• Curb Mix
• Flowable Fill
• Exposed Aggregate

bear readymix bricks

Strong & Durable Finish

We can formulate a full range of PSI ratings. We guarantee the strength and durability of our San Antonio ready mix concrete. Every batch of our San Antonio ready mix concrete contains the right ingredients and the quality required to create a superior, durable finish. Our ready mix concrete is excellent for jobs such as:

• Foundations
• Driveways
• Sidewalks and much more

Expert Coordination on Every Concrete Delivery in San Antonio

Bear Ready Mix Concrete guarantees that all of our deliveries will be completed on time and to the exact specifications. Regardless if your job is in San Antonio, Boerne, Fair Oaks, Helotes, Castroville, or Leon Valley, our dedicated team of professionals always provides the outstanding customer service we are known for. Our commitment to excellence doesn’t end with a great product, competitive pricing, or even with dependable delivery.

The construction materials business is comprised of many moving parts—concrete companies, contractors, concrete pump companies, etc. In our 15 years of business, we’ve gotten skilled at coordinating and managing the various parties involved in each job. Our promise to you as our valued customer includes a total commitment to making sure your job runs as smoothly as possible.

We’ll work with you around any unexpected scheduling or materials difficulties. If you experience a mechanical or power failure, a contractor who misses a deadline, a construction materials shortage, or some other unexpected delay or stoppage, we’ll coordinate with all parties to find the best possible solutions. If you have a bad day, we have a bad day; if you’re not completely satisfied, neither are we.

Our trained staff will do everything possible to prevent problems before they arise. From on-site client meetings to phone calls and reviews, we’ll do whatever’s necessary to make your experience with us worthy of your repeat business.

Contact Bear Ready Mix today, and let’s talk about mixing a delivery for your job.

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